Scrubbly™ Sponge Party Pack

Make it a party with our Scrubbly Sponge Party Pack! Includes (8) eight of our fun - and functional - designs!

Scrubbly™ Sponges were uniquely designed to wash wine glasses. They're not just cute and catchy. The narrow neck makes it easy to reach into and clean champagne flutes and wine glasses. Plus, they're non-scratch, so they're safe to use on your glassware.

They're also handy for washing dishes, wiping down counter tops and keeping your home sparkling clean.

Perfect for gift bags, Mother's Day, wine tastings, bachelorette parties or just replenishing your personal sponge stash. Stock up before they sell out again!

  • The narrow neck was uniquely designed to clean inside wine glasses and champagne flutes
  • A scour pad lines the bottom for those extra tough spots
  • Non-scratch, so it's safe to use on your glassware
  • Each sponge is approximately 7.25 x 2.5 x 1.25"

Rinse and wring out after each use to keep the sponge party going.

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