Wine Wash®

With Wine Wash®, you can get tipsy, but now your wine glasses don't have to!

Wine Wash® helps keep those wine glasses upright, even when you’re not. Properly secure your dishwasher safe stemware with Wine Wash®, run the dishwasher and voila: sparkling clean wine glasses. Less time hand washing, more time for the important stuff.

Box includes set of four (4) Wine Wash® dishwasher clips.


  • Made of BPA-free silicone, so you can feel comfortable using them in your home.
  • Saves you time, pruney hands and broken glasses!
  • A unique gift for the wine lover. Pair with a bottle of wine for a host/hostess, book club, housewarming, birthdays, holiday gifts, stocking stuffers and more!
  • Wine Wash® works with most wine glasses in most dishwashers. Each clip measures 3” in length.

Fun fact: Did you know it's safer to wash your stemware in the dishwasher than washing it by hand? Breakage primarily occurs from handling (like in a soapy sink). Most wine glass manufacturers (even the high-end brands) recommend washing stemware in the dishwasher.

Pro tip: Every dishwasher and wine glass combination is different. The trick is finding the "sweet spot" in your dishwasher, for your particular stemware. We encourage you to try different spots along the edge of the top and bottom rack. Once you've identified that sweet spot, for convenience, you can leave Wine Wash® clipped in between cycles.

Bonus: The cost of one pack is comparable to ordering one glass of wine, plus you're supporting a small, woman-owned business!

Visit our FAQ page for more information on how to use Wine Wash® in your kitchen.

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