Microfiber Polishing Cloth

When your wine glasses, barware or your day need a little extra sparkle, reach for this lint-free, scratch-free microfiber cloth.

Use to dry & polish your glassware and remove pesky water spots, smudges and lipstick marks. The cloth can be used dry or lightly damp. 

Cheers to sparkling clean wine glasses!

  • Cloth reads “Let’s polish off a bottle of wine.”
  • Lint-free, scratch-free and oh-so soft
  • Black print and black stitching
  • Measures approximately 26 x 20”

The cloth is oversized, so you can use one side/hand to hold the glass and another side/hand to polish. Don't hold the glass by the base to polish the bowl, as it can break the delicate stem. If you have a
stubborn spot, don't scrub too hard - dampen the towel and then gently polish the area.

Machine-wash hot or cold with mild detergent. Wash with white or light colors and similar materials (try to avoid washing with cotton materials because microfiber will want to grab on to the lint!). Avoid
using fabric softeners. Air dry or machine-dry on low or no heat.

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